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About us

We are Fred and Mascha. We got our kennelname “Smiling Amigo’s” in 2010. We have choosen for this name because the Amstaff also is called “Smiling Amstaff” . Also we want to have fun in the show world, together with other Amstaff’s lovers/friends, that is where the “Amigo’s” comes from. Put the two off them together and you will get ” Smiling Amigo’s ”.

We live, together with our Amstaff’s, in the beautiful Belgium “Kempen”. When we got to know each other, it became clear that we both loved dogs. Fred grew up with the dog breed “Mechelse Herder”, Mascha grew up with the dog breed “Boxers”. We know very fast that there would be dogs in our lives. Mascha know early on with dog breed it would be, because she had an Amstaff (without a pedigree) in her childhood. But Fred had to be convinced. Fortunately this wasn’t to hard to do and in 1999 we went to a couple off Amstaff breeders to make our choice.

On 12-02-2001  our first Amstaff was born named Tomba.

Tomba is a great family dog with whom you can do everything.

On 28-05-2002 our first female was born. Thyra is our first show dog. Because off her we came in to contact with the show world.

On 08-03-2005 Nanouk was born, she is a daughter off our Thyra. On 01-12-2008 Panda was born. But it wasn’t until he was 9 months old that he came to live with us. Because off Panda we have decided to have our own kennelname. We are Hans and Danijela very grateful for entrusting Panda to us. Meanwhile we have been hooked on going to dog shows again. We have a great time going there.

You can see us on different dogs shows in as well inland as abroad.

Lots of love,

Fred en Mascha

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