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General story about Angel.

Angel was born on 08-12-2010 at the kennel "The Kids Best Frends" owned by Lenny and Kaja in the Netherlands. Angel is a daughter of Dutchess and our own Panda.
Lenny wanted to have a breeding with Panda. Because Lenny did so much for us, we agreed and didn’t want anything in return. Of course we regularly looked at the pups. It's very special to see the children of your own dog. As the pups grew older, our interest grew. We found the puppies look so good that we actually wanted to have one. It would be a shame if one of those beautiful puppies didn’t go to the show. Very carefully we asked Lenny if we could buy a puppy from him. But Lenny didn’t want to sell us one! He would give us one!!!
Then we had to choose. It was very difficult ... Only at seven weeks, we have chosen what puppy we would take. Lenny has obviously chosen first. Then we chose.

When Angel grew up in the nest the owners of her mother noted that Angel had a heart in her neck. Later this became very special for Fred and Mascha.
Mascha's mother (Marijke) died in 2009 very suddenly. Marijke always went along with most off the dog shows with Thyra. She just loved the dogs!! She would have just love it that we have a great show dog in our home again. Afterwards we have the idea/hope that Marijke choose Angel for us and marked her by giving her a kiss in her neck. The kiss from a "real" angel (Marijke) has turned into a heart. This is how Angel got her name!!!

Angel is a very happy girl who always wants to play. In many things we recognize something off Panda in
her. She always wants to lie on top of the bench, just like her father. She is very submissive to
all people, but less to other dogs. With other dogs she want to be the boss.
We have a very sweet dog with Angel, and a very good and succesfull show dog.

In 2013 we got to see that Angel is also  a great mom for her pups!!!!!!

 Mountaingarden Let’s Get Loud

 Absolute Dutch Princess

WBMF Golden Dog in the World

Parastone’s Creamy Cappuccino

Absolute Allen’s Urbancowboy

 Absolute Ice Princess


WBMF Eagle Fly Free

Jackie Redwood Z Machova Kraje

Parastone’s Don’t Panic

Absolute’s Partner in Crime

Gang-Staff A Star is Born

Absolute’s Crime Fighter

Absolute Blue Clear Sky

DNA Tested

Ataxia clear

HD  B1

ED  Free

Heart  Normal

Losh breeding permit

Day off birth:  08-12-2010

Height: 46 cm

Weight: 22 kg

Breeder: Lenny Mahdaoui

Owner: Fred and Mascha

Multi Ch The Kids Best Frend’s Morning Star


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Angel 11 weeks off age!!!!!

What a great and beautiful  girl!!!

Angel loves the fish

Angel when she was a puppy.

Angel loves to play with her father!!!

German Youth Champion VDH

German Youth Champion GBF

German Youth Champion DCBT

Jugendsieger Baden-Württemberg

Res. Jugend Europa Sieger 2012

German Champion DCBT

International Champion

Swiss Champion

German Champion VDH

Moldavian Champion

Azerbijan Champion

Austrian Champion

2nd Best Amstaff Of NL 2012

Best Female Dutch Specialty 2012

Best Female Czech Specialty 2012

9 X BOS               





Angel is a great mom for her