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BISS YCh.Smiling Amigo’S Maxium Relax


Day off birth:  18-12-2013

Height: 51 cm

Weight: 28 kg

Breeder: Fred and Mascha

Owner: Fred and Mascha

Co-owner: Denis en Nicole

DNA  tested

Ataxia clear by parents


ED  0

Heart  normal

LOSH Breeding Permit

Copyright Smiling Amigo’s 2010 / 2016 © Alle rechten voorbehouden.

General story about Mexx.

Mexx was born on 18-12-2013 at our own kennel “Smiling Amigo’S”.

Mexx  is a son off  Mikey from Slovenia and our own Angel.

We prepared us very good on our first litter with Angel and Mikey.

We had our eye on Mikey 2 years before the real breeding. And luckily we met him several times before the breeding. We also had the honor to have mikey in our home for a week. For this we can say we really know Mikey.

In particular we see the movement off daddy Mikey in Mexx really well. He moves like a train.

In the litter Mexx was always super relaxed. He did everything easy going, but was not afraid off anything. We just love this temperament. It was really easy to pick a kennelname for him “Maxium Relax”.

During puppy class we had a great time when Mexx was put free and had to come on command. He always came after he took a very long way around, he had such a great time playing. But finally he came hahahahahaha!!!

Mexx is madly in love with is little brother Magic, unfortunately for Mexx the love is not always mutual.

At the dogshows Mexx is doing great so far. He realy loves it. We always have a great time together in the showring. It looks a little bit like showing with his granddad Panda!!!!!

Mexx is available as stud. There is also frozen semen available.

Because it is not possible for us to have all dogs ourselfs we decided to place Mexx out.

Mexx is being loved and taking care off by Denis and Nicole, without their good job Mexx would not looks as great as he does. Thank you so very much for your great effort, also for training Mexx!!!


Belgium Youth Champion

German Youth Champion (VDH)

German Youth Champion (GBF)

Promise off the day ASTCB JHD

Brabo Youth Winner 2015

Europa Jugend Sieger 2015

Saarbrucken Jugend Sieger 2015

Saarland Jugend Sieger 2015

Ambiorix Winner 2015

Sieger Meisdorf 2015

Club Sieger GBF Duitsland 2015

Herbst Sieger 2015

Trofee van Vlaanderen 2015

3th Best Youth in Show (B)

BIS Bullbreeds (D)




Mexx on the photo with his beautifull

cups from winning BOB  &

Best Bull in Show. Photo made by

Robert, also see links !!!!!

It’s very obvious that Mexx is being

spoiled a bit by Denis and Nicole!!!

That’s just the way we like it ;) !!!

Mexx is showing off his movement at the

age off 5 months!!!!

Mexx as a true Smiling Amigo’S

Mexx together with his sisters and brothers just before everybody is leaving. Mexx is on the far right.

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