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General story about Thyra.

Thyra was born on 05-28-2002 at the kennel "Parastone's" in the Netherlands.

She is a daughter of Vana and Bimbo.

Thyra is our first female. We wanted a nice playmate for Tomba. But Thyra let us discover a whole new world, the show world.

Thyra was not only suitable as a playmate, but was also a great show dog. She has in her short show career quite a few titles on her name.

From her first litter we kept a pup our self, namely Nanouk. Thyra turned out to be a very good mother dog. Pups of another dog she doesn’t like so much.

Thyra is a dog with her own will, but fortunately she will do almost everything for food. Thyra may occasionally have a really crazy mood, then everything and everyone has to look out for her.

Thyra is a dog who really enjoys live, the greatest pleasure you can give her, is to let her lay on the couch, being lazy!

Thyra is now enjoying her well deserved retirement.

On 01-02-2015 we made the very difficult decision to put our showgirl Thyra down.

In a very short time Thyra got very ill. There was no cure for her.

Partly because off Thyra we got into the world og dogshows. We will always be grateful to this little girl for that. We hope Thyra is now with here dauther (who passed earlier) and have a great time togethet .........Rest in peace sweet little girl........

Flamewood’s Rainbow Dragon

Parastone’s Irresistible Jewel

Wood Forest EZ Chances R

Woodforest EZ Dragons Flame

Woodforest EZ Thunder Dragon

Woodforest EZ Red Velvet Dragon

Woods E-Z Mcruff

Woods EZ Coral’s Blu ST

Woods EZ Love-A-Gator

Woods EZ Forest Penndragon

Woodforest EZ Blue Lyon Dan

Woods EZ Forest Dragon Fire

Woods Forest EZ Diamond Break

Woodsforest EZ Dragoness

Thyra when she was about seven weeks old.

She was already a top model!!

1 X BIG1

1 X BIG3

1 X BIG4

1 X BIS8

12 X BOS

 7 X BOB

 1 X BPIS1


DNA Unknown

Ataxia Unknown

HD  Unknown

ED Unknown

Heart  Unknown

MAG test passed

German Youth Champion

Luxemburg Youth Champion

World Youth Champion 2003

Bundes Jugend Sieger 2003

Dutch Champion

German VDH Champion

International Champion

Euromast Champion 2004

Bundes Siegerin 2004

Specialty winner 2004 (DE)

Specialty Winner 2005 (NL)

Day off birth:  28-05-2002

Day off death:   01-02-2015

Height: 47 cm

Weight: 23 kg

Breeder: P Marks

Owner: P Marks

Co-owner: Fred and Mascha

Multy Ch.Parastone’s Ready Steady Go


Thyra with her father Bimbo!!!!

Thyra enjoying the good weather!!!!!

Thyra with her new


Thyra at the age off 11 years

enjoying live at the edge off

the pond!!!!